Rubber Roundup

1 - 2PM | Registration (Re)-Mixer

Hotel Indigo (810 Red River St. Mezzanine Floor)

We'll open up the space to allow people to meet each other, sign in, and relax for a second after the late morning drive/walk to the hotel. We'll keep the check-in open until 6:00.

The Mezzanine Floor is on the floor above the Hotel Indigo's lobby!)

2 - 4PM | Care, Wear, and Where - Rubber Workshop

Hotel Indigo (810 Red River St. First Floor)

Mr. International Rubber 25 (@chicagorubber) will give a workshop on taking care of your rubber, how to put on or use different articles of rubber (clothing, accessories, etc), and where you might be able to find them and others that are into rubber like you!

4-6PM | Rubber Rodeo - Demo Floor

Hotel Indigo (810 Red River St. First Floor)

You've been given the knowledge, now feel it all out for yourself. The presenters and organizers will gather rubber gear and garments to allow you to touch, wear, feel, and experience in a safe space. Whether you're a first timer or a veteran, have a gander at all the wares available. Contact if you'd like to demo one of your belongings.

6 - 9PM | The Rubber Roundup

Hotel Indigo (810 Red River St. First Floor)

We've partnered with the hotel to cater a buffet of southern delights and a cash bar to imbibe in some tasty drinks for you to enjoy after learning about and experiencing different rubber gear. Socialize and chat rubber over some food and drink.

(The buffet will be an add on for the event or available as part of a package)

9:30 PM | Rubber Paws on 4th - Bar Night

OilCan Harry's Dark Bar (211 W 4th St.)

The monthly Paws on 4th pet play bar night made their theme rubber to invite all latex, neoprene, etc enthusiasts to a fun bar outing where you can shine brightly and pet a pup or two while having a drink.

2 - 4 PM | Game & Gleam - Arcade in Gear

Texas Gamer's Lounge (3411 N Interstate Highway 35)

A lazy Sunday afternoon is always well accompanied by some latex and some gaming. So come out to the arcade in some tasteful rubber and play away your day while shining brightly in the game screen's lights. You're welcome to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages to enjoy as you're gaming. They will also have some candies and small snacks to buy from them.

(The arcade will be an add on for the event or available as part of a package.)

4:30 - 5:30 PM | Last Hurrah - Community Summit

First Street Studio (2400 E Cesar Chavez St)

One last discussion group to share what your communities are doing, what continuing education needs to happen, and a last chance to make some connections before leaving good ol' Austin. Very close to some good Austin eats on East Cesar Chavez for afterwards in case you wanted dinner before leaving good old Austin.