Rubber Roundup

Rules & Policies:

COVID-19 Policy

We are still in a pandemic. We will be checking for a negative COVID test less than 72 hours before the event or a COVID Vaccination card at registration.

Diversity & Inclusion Policy:

This event strives to be aware of the diversity in our community. Our full Diversity & inclusion policy can be read here, and is embedded below.

Within the file is an escalation policy with two methods for reporting inappropriate behavior.

Ask for consent to touch another person or their belongings, taking their pictures, etc and respect their choice to politely say "no thank you." The below policy goes into more detail on Active Consent

Respect public spaces outside of the meeting room and the bars. Be sure to cover up places deemed indecent (crotch, booties, nipples, etc.) in the public spaces, and keep sexual activity private. Be sure to clean up after yourself wherever you may go (as we know rubber can cause a bit of a mess) and tip service people (valet, front desk, cleaning service for rooms, bartenders) for all they do for you. Be RACK and SSC aware and have fun.

Viewable Austin Rubber Roundup DEI Policy